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Just like livestock, Chestnut Hill keeps on growing!   Visit to explore our farm practices, animals, products and other interesting info. about the farm's heritage and team. 

Schedule a Farm tour and explore what's happening at Chestnut Hill Farm & Guest House. Perfect for school groups, couples, or just something to do on a nice day. 

Depending on the time of year, you may experience or see and learn about the following:

  • Forest Raised Pigs and Chickens

  • Geese to protect our chickens

  • Layer chickens and ducks

  • Maple Syrup Tapping (spring only)

  • Bee Hives

  • Tour of our historic barn of over 150 years!

  • Visit to the pond


Self-guided tours for guests are naturally complimentary to your booking.  Guided tours must be arranged prior to your stay. 

 $7/person. Groups of 10 or more: $5/person. Kids under 3: free

Call Bekah at 716-430-4030 to book your tour.

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